We only work with professional self-employed Carers who contract directly with their clients. In order to be on our availability list our recruitment process makes sure that the carers have

  • the appropriate training,
  • their own liability insurance,
  • a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check has been run (formally CRB).

The Carers work on a self-employed basis. As a self-employed Carer they are responsible for their own Tax and National Insurance contributions. The Agency receives a request from a Client, we look for the most appropriate, available carer and manage the introduction of the Carer with the Client. The agency and the Client are in a contractual relationship alongside a direct contract between the Client and the Carers.

Whilst the Agency has no direct involvement with the care, it does offer resources and services to the Clients:
– Adequate substitute Carer in case of illness or any other problem with the allocated Carer
–  Permanent backup for the sake of continuity of care
–  Office service including accountancy
–  Hotline consultation and advice
–  Training the Carers for the special needs of the Client, maintaining the permanent professionality and quality personalised for the Client
–  Provides PPE (personal protective equipment)

The Agency always uses its best endeavours to find an alternative assignment for the Carers, however this cannot be guaranteed. For this reason the Agency requires four weeks of notice.The Carers are not supervised by the Agency, they work independently.It is the Carers responsibility to provide the best professional care possible on a personal level.

In case of complaint, the Client and the Carer should discuss the problem and try to agree a solution between themselves. If the Client is not happy with the Carer’s performance, the Client can inform the Agency to find the best solution.
If there is a problem with an assignment, a change in the Client’s condition, a change in the household arrangements, or unresolved differences between Client and Carer, the Agency is happy to discuss this with both the Client and Carer and work out the best solution.

Naturally, the Carers are instructed not to discuss or disclose Client’s or their Family’s personal details with anyone, whilst at the Client’s home or when they have left. The Carers should ensure that care and support is delivered in a way that maintains and respects the privacy, dignity, and lifestyle of the Client always.